4. März 2024

Unlocking Self-Sovereignty in Web3: Exploring User-Ownership with Julie Plavnik

• NFT Steez hosts Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond met with Web3 content writer Julie Plavnik to discuss the importance of self-sovereignty while building a digital identity in Web3.
• Plavnik referenced author Gavin Wood when describing Web3 and said that „communication“ is a core tenant in the subsequent iteration of the internet.
• Plavnik explored how users are coming around to the notion that they can potentially monetize their individuality in Web3, but she questioned how they could maintain their self-sovereignty.

This week on NFT Steez, hosts Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond sat down with Web3 content writer Julie Plavnik to discuss the concept of self-sovereignty in the context of the digital creator economy and Web3. Plavnik described Web3 as the communication of encrypted channels between decentralized identities and highlighted the importance of decentralization to ensure that no third party controls nor owns user data.

The conversation shifted to the emerging concept of Web3 and how it has placed a magnifying glass on user data and ownership. Plavnik highlighted how the creator economy is a place with “no entry barriers or casting” and how users can monetize their individuality in Web3. However, Plavnik questioned how users can maintain their self-sovereignty while doing so.

Plavnik asserted that the core tenet of Web3 is to uphold a self-sovereign identity and that decentralization is a fundamental part of that. She also discussed how Web3 is ushering in a new era of user-ownership, as users will be in control of their own data and how it is used.

The conversation between Exposito, Salmond, and Plavnik provided an insightful discussion on the importance of self-sovereignty in the creator economy and Web3. Plavnik highlighted the potential of Web3 and encouraged users to explore the possibilities of user-ownership in the emerging technology. Ultimately, Plavnik hopes that users will take control of their digital identity and take advantage of the opportunities that Web3 provides.