21. September 2023

Coinbase App UX ‚Broken‘, CEO Brian Armstrong Admits

• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong admits that the user experience of its app is lacking.
• Armstrong says the company will be making rapid updates to address some of the biggest pain points identified by users.
• An anonymous Web3 UI/UX designer blames the UX issue on the owner-centric and irreversible nature of blockchain-based applications.

Coinbase App’s Poor User Experience

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has admitted that the user experience of its app is ‘broken’ for users. He said this was exposed during the Onchain Summer festival of product launches, brand activations, and non-fungible token reveals on Base which began on August 9th. Armstrong urged users to send feedback in order to prioritize the most pressing issues, and promised a series of rapid updates over the next two weeks that would address some of these pain points.

Root Causes

An anonymous Web3 UI/UX designer has blamed much of this issue on the owner-centric and irreversible nature of blockchain-based applications. Kirthana Devaser from XGo content manager added that continued focus on sleek UI and making blockchain “invisible” in everyday user interactions is necessary as well.

User Feedback

The most popular response to Armstrong’s post was a request from Friendtech developer Racer for a fast settlement credit card on-ramp to Coinbase without needing to create a separate account. Other requests included fixing an ongoing bug with connecting Coinbase mobile wallet with Google Chrome, which had been more persistent than expected.

Solutions Going Forward

Armstrong said he recognized how broken their UX was and wanted to improve it so high quality experiences can be provided for NFTs, Dapps, and L2s users alike. He stressed that such improvements should be one of Coinbase’s top priorities going forward so they can continue providing great services for customers without compromising their user experience.


Improving user experience will remain a key challenge for any company operating within or related to crypto space due to its complicated nature in terms of technology as well as regulations involved in various jurisdictions across countries. However, it is encouraging to see companies like Coinbase take active steps towards addressing these issues head-on instead of shying away from them.